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CRO Leadership Awards 2017

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Experiential Data Sheds Light On The CRO Selection Process R E B E C C A M C A V O Y ferred list. Those with preferred provider agreements (PPAs) convey what is important when choosing a pro- vider from their preferred list as well as what drivers are important when choosing a provider that is not on their company's list. espondents relay the attributes they con- sider critical when selecting a service provider and then rate, along the same dimensions, the performance of providers with which they have recently worked. Using selec- tion-driver data and provider-performance ratings in tandem enables sponsors to make an educated out- sourcing decision. As part of this research, ISR gathered respondents' opinions on the sophistication of their companies' outsourcing practices (Figure 1). Overall, 62 percent of decision makers believe their company employs sufficiently sophisticated outsourcing practices. Not surprisingly, those from large sponsors (annual R&D spend $1B+) are generally more pleased with their company's level of outsourcing sophistication than are those at smaller companies where nearly half of respondents do not consider their company's outsourc- ing practices to be sophisticated enough. One method to enhance outsourcing sophistication is for decision makers to determine the qualities that are most important for their provider to exhibit before broaching provider evaluation and selection. Beginning with defined attribute goals will narrow the search and make it easier to find a well-matched provider. ISR's research offers the industry's viewpoint on selection driver importance across several different scenarios: 1) choosing a provider from a preferred provider list, 2) choosing a provider that is not on the preferred provider list, and 3) choosing a provider in the absence of a pre- R Picking the best service provider for your unique outsourced clinical development work can sometimes feel like playing pin the tail on the donkey. Don a blindfold. Spin around. Wander with no clear sense of direction toward your target. Luckily, it doesn't have to be this way. Data and tools are available to better inform your provider search. Industry Standard Research (ISR), a full-service market research provider to the pharma and pharma services industries, has collected information from outsourcing decision makers via an online survey regarding their selection and evaluation of CROs. Figure 1 Source: Indust ry Standard Research, CRO Quality Benchmarking Report Suite (201 7) Overall: 62% Large Sponsors (R&D $1B+): 67% Non-large Sponsors (R&D <$1B): 54% CRO SELECTION OUtsourcing By R. McAvoy EXPERIENTIAL DATA SHEDS LIGHT ON THE CRO SELECTION PROCESS LIFESCIENCELEADER.COM THE CRO LEADERSHIP AWARDS 2017 22

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