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EDITOR'S NOTE LSL LIFESCIENCELEADER.COM THE CMO LEADERSHIP AWARDS 2017 6 focuses on the attributes biopharma compa- nies say are essential in deciding which CMOs best serve their clients: Quality, Reliability, Capabilities, Expertise, Compatibility — and our newest category — Development (i.e., development-related services). Yet, even when using these common key attri- butes, we know that the strategic approaches to outsourcing vary significantly thanks to today's widening categories of "sponsor" — from virtuals and startups, to more traditional biotechs and all-sized pharma companies. Thus, our challenge was to figure out how to capture this aspect without becoming too granular and ending up obscuring competitive results. Participants in our survey have told us the two additional sponsor categories we initi- ated last year — big pharma and small pharma — were helpful, so we're sticking with these this year, too. However, we're always open to new ideas regarding ways to more accurately measure performance. And also here, on behalf of my colleagues at Life Science Leader, I'd like to say thank you to all of our readers who participated in the Awards survey for 2017. Likewise, my per- sonal thank you to Tina Larson of Achaogen, for "opening up" on the state of our small and large molecule industries, and particularly the need for all of us to understand what real- ly drives business decisions at drug sponsors. As important as the attributes that make up a winning CMO are, none will reach full potential benefit if not applied to the areas most important to sponsors. By the way, Larson, a member of the Outsourced Pharma Advisory Board, as well as the authors within these pages, will continue to provide us with unique content and insight throughout the rest of the year at Finally, on behalf of everyone at Life Science Leader, a heartfelt congratulations to all our CMO Leadership Award winners! L ost service companies regard themselves as different from their competitors. As a result of those differences, they'll insist they are the best at exceeding their custom- ers' expectations. In the biotech and pharma industry, our annual CMO Leadership Awards are a way to verify that customers actual- ly share those self-estimations of prowess. Additionally, the Awards serve global drug sponsors that more than any time in our histo- ry are constantly seeking the best prospective partners for drug development and manufac- turing. You might say we've got both sides of outsourcing covered for our readers. But there's more. Today, sponsors and service providers are seeking advice on best practices and advanced methods for working together, improving productivity and project outcomes, and raising profitability while lowering costs for patients. That's why, along with our list- ings of Award winners, this year's supple- ment includes a select group of experienced industry veterans providing best practices and advice related to outsourcing and managing supply chains. Whether you're new to work- ing with contract development and manufac- turing organizations, or somebody who's been at this for years, I'm certain you'll derive value in learning, or being reminded of, the strate- gies and tactics involved in the "artful" activity of outsourcing. Regarding the "art" of surveying the out- sourcing industry, this is our second year team- ing up with Industry Standard Research (ISR). To obtain the most accurate survey results, ISR LIFE SCIENCE LEADER 5340 Fryling Rd., Suite 300 Erie, PA 16510-4672 Telephone: 814 897 7700 Fax: 814 899 5587 WWW.LIFESCIENCELEADER.COM SVP OF PUBLISHING/PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Jon Howland / Ext. 203 EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Dan Schell / Ext. 284 CHIEF EDITOR Rob Wright / Ext. 140 EXECUTIVE EDITOR Wayne Koberstein EDITORS Louis Garguilo Bob Marshall Ed Miseta Anna Rose Welch VP OF AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT Michael Bennett DIRECTORS OF STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS Tim Bretz / 724-940-7555 / Ext. 123 Cory Coleman / Ext. 108 Tracy Tasker / Ext. 297 Perry Rearick / Ext. 263 Derek Van Slyke / Ext. 217 PUBLISHER/BIOPHARM & LAB Shannon Primavere / Ext. 279 GROUP PUBLISHER/OUTSOURCING Ray Sherman / Ext. 335 BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER Mike Barbalaci / Ext. 218 SR. ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Scott Moren / Ext. 118 DIRECTOR OF DATA ANALYTICS Kevin Morey PRODUCTION DIRECTOR Lynn Netkowicz / Ext. 205 @ Louis_Garguilo We Told You We're Different (And The Best) L O U I S G A R G U I L O Chief Editor, Outsourced Pharma M A R CH 2 017 CM O S U PPLE M E NT M

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