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By L. Garguilo GUIDANCE & PREDICTIONS FROM NEW OUTSOURCING ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS BEST PRACTICES Outsourcing LIFESCIENCELEADER.COM THE CMO LEADERSHIP AWARDS 2017 62 Outsourcing Model and For M&A, Shire Stays Three Dimensional With CMOs. Shire applies a dynamic and flexible approach to managing its widespread sup- ply chain. This approach, applied to individual sup- plier relationships, necessitates articulating the value proposition of each one "internally to your company," Banard says. "There's no way you can just do this out of the goodness of your heart. That's not what we're suggesting. But we have learned putting the relation- ship into strategic terms and managing for some type of win-win brings a combined competitive advantage to the marketplace." That clear articulation is backed by rigorous measure- ment. Banard elicited audible gasps at the Boston con- ference when she presented a detailed CMO-evaluation dashboard. "I'm always hesitant to put up some of our dashboards," she said, "for fear they might make peo- ple's heads spin at first. But they're designed to show, at a glance, how our suppliers are performing and where we need to focus our efforts." Her advice to drug sponsors who may not have the human and financial resources available to Shire? "You can't afford to not be involved as much as you possibly can," she replies. "[Sponsors are] accountable for the performance of each supplier and that shared relation- ship. We use tools to measure CMO quality perfor- mance, but in fact, these are tools to understand how we are doing as the provider of that contract. Often, when a supplier is not performing as expected, we find we can do something to help improve that performance." A BOARD FULL OF QUESTIONS The most valuable Board members might be those best at posing insight-inducing questions. We learned in Pfizer's Key Questions For CMO Innovation that nobody poses better questions to CMOs than Huyghe of Pfizer. he following are new leaders on the Outsourced Pharma Editorial Advisory Board, and they're not hesitant to pro- vide bold analysis on outsourcing drug development and manufacturing: Here are some of their recent thoughts, and a few grams of guidance, taken from, the pages of Life Science Leader, and Outsourced Pharma thought-leadership conferences. FOCUSED FLEXIBILITY YOU CAN MEASURE Banard and colleagues from Shire hosted a discus- sion at an Outsourced Pharma conference in Boston, documented in the articles The Creation Of Shire's T Guidance & Predictions From New Outsourcing Advisory Board Members L O U I S G A R G U I L O Chief Editor, Outsourced Pharma @Louis_Garguilo (As Previously Seen On CHARLENE BANARD , Senior VP, Global Quality, Shire BERNIE HUYGHE, Senior Director, Pfizer TINA LARSON , VP Technical Operations, Achaogen SESHA NEERVANNAN , SVP Pharmaceutical Development, Allergan CAROL SHERAKO, Director Program Management, Genzyme

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