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The vision of Life Science Leader is to help facilitate connections and foster collaborations in pharma and med device development to get more life-saving and life-improving therapies to market in an efficient manner. Connect, Collaborate, Contribute

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M A R C H 2 017 CM O S U PPLE M E NT LIFESCIENCELEADER.COM 4 THE CMO LEADERSHIP AWARDS 2017 W W W. LI FE S CI E N CE LE A D E R .CO M Contents @ LifeSciLeader1 D O CU M E NTATI O N An Outsourcing Challenge: Creating A Knowledge Base With Legacy Value 14 E D ITO R' S N OTE We Told You We're Different (And The Best) 6 R I S K For Outsourcing, Make Sure Your Risk Management Is Redundant 18 CO LL A B O R ATI O N Harmonizing Quality Management Systems In Early Drug Development 22 O UTS O U R CI N G Timeline & Developmental Activities When Resources Are Limited 26 M A N U FA C TU R I N G Strategy For Early- Phase API Development 30 R E P O RT Pharma Industry Lacks Consensus On Key Attribute Of A Sponsor-CMO Relationship 34 38 Awards Philosophy 40 Winner Lists 48 Company Profiles O UTS O U R CI N G Guidance & Predictions From New Outsourcing Advisory Board Members 62 O UTS O U R CI N G Are CMOs Sufficiently Serving Biotechs? 66 O UTS O U R CI N G Emerging Biopharma & Their CMOs — Crazy Like A Fox 70 O UTS O U R CI N G Outsourcing 2017: Countries, Costs, & Some Concerns 74 8 CO V E R S TO RY Some Straight Talk To CMOs

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