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LIFESCIENCELEADER.COM THE CMO LEADERSHIP AWARDS 2017 13 Siegfried's formula in a 360° matrix is full-fledged integration of Drug Substance and Drug Product in one business to support customers' entire value chain from chemical develop- ment to commercial production. Creating and manufacturing formulations is our passion, as our foundation was built on inherited technical know-how and expertise, which is unique for a supplier of development and manufactur- ing services. Our culture is built on loyalty, respect and credibility, combined with sustainability and excellent compliance. We work closely with customers to develop and optimize innovative chemical processes adding more benefit and value. Siegfried has 9 sites worldwide with chemical manufacturing multi-purpose cGMP locations in Zofingen and Evion- naz, Switzerland; Pennsville, New Jersey (USA); Nantong, China; Minden, Germany and Saint-Vulbas, France. Our drug product manufacturing sites are located in Zofingen, Switzerland (Pilot); Malta; Hameln, Germany, and Irvine, USA. A Global Network of Competencies A World-class Integrated Service Partner with 9 Sites in 6 Countries. A P I s & I n t e r m e d i a t e s C o n t r o l l e d s u b s t a n c e s T o S u p p o r t y o u r e n t i r e V a l u e C h a i n A s e p t i c S t e r i l e F i l l i n g S o l i d D o s a g e F o r m s F l e x i b l e a n d P o w e r f u l Drug Substance Drug Product Chemical process development Pharmaceutical development services Pharmaceutical production Chemical production by the new kids on the block: the single-use or continuous- manufacturing innovators, and for example, those working on niche cell-based therapies. So who knows? Perhaps after all, innovation — the meaningful kind — will soon drive Larson and others in their business decisions. She certainly won't be shy about letting partners know when that happens. L strategies and global markets. The real value is in understanding how our businesses actually operate." WhaT's A cmo To do? That understanding starts with knowing yourself; understand what you are good at. Second, know your customers; learn their real business drivers and needs. Consider the needs in some thera- peutic areas for massive amounts of drug substance and product. For exam- ple, a customer developing drugs for Alzheimer's disease or diabetes will potentially be dosing chronically for decades. Larson says, "There's probably not enough manufacturing capacity in the world to make some of the needed antibodies." The questions to ask your- self include: ▶ Are you a CMO geared for this type of large-scale need? ▶ How can you continue to modern- ize to serve these customers? ▶ Or, are you better suited for cli- ents with ADCs (antibody-drug conjugates), with little need for antibodies? "We have this kind of bifurcation of volume in the industry," Larson says. "There are CMOs that recognize and are taking advantage of the opportunity by understanding precisely who they are and what services and innovation their clients need to drive their business deci- sions in that realm." In summary, Larson reiterates the need for small molecule-focused CMOs to modernize their facilities, and she again cautions that the biologics- focused folks not get complacent. Both sides need to continue to implement the newest technologies and equipment with the goal being to achieve the best quality, consistency, and reliability, all leading to enhancing speed to market for customers. Perhaps the best outcome will be a convergence of technology and under- standing of both sides (small and large molecule). That may actually be led

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