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CROs OUTSOURCING LIFESCIENCELEADER.COM THE CRO LEADERSHIP AWARDS 2016 24 that they would recommend that provider to a colleague. Furthermore, respondents are asked to explain their satisfaction ratings in an open- ended fashion, enabling the reader to understand details regarding how the service provider's performance may have impressed a given user or what a particular pain point may have been. This approach provides a comprehen- sive look into what it would be like to work with a provider for an outsourced clinical development project. Having access to performance data from CROs' users is crucial in making an informed CRO selection. However, it is a lot of information to process, and it is helpful to have a plan for evaluating this information. To further aid in the process of choosing a CRO, ISR collected information regarding the criteria considered most important to industry decision-makers when selecting a provider for their outsourced work. CRO selection decisions are not made in a vacuum. They're most often made by a team of people with a variety of factors to consider. Additionally, many decision- making units have company guidelines to which they must adhere. Not all selection environments are equal. The same rules and preferences may not necessarily apply as the selec- tion environment differs. Selecting among preferred providers, selecting a provider that is not on the company's users takes substantially more effort to come by – but the knowledge gained is well worth the effort. Utilizing information from recent users of CROs is the same idea as utilizing user reviews to make a more educated product purchase or select an appropri- ate restaurant for your needs. However, the data ISR has collected about CROs' performance is much more structured and detailed than the wide-ranging open-end responses found on most user review websites. Recent users of CROs provide ratings along 25+ performance attributes across a variety of cat- egories. They are also asked to rate their satisfaction with each provider they've used, the likelihood that they would use the provider again, and the likelihood sers with hands-on experience" is an impor- tant phrase to note in the above paragraph. Imagine a scenario in which you need to choose a restaurant to host an impor- tant event but you've never personally eaten at any of the restaurants on your short list. Gathering opinions on the restaurant from prior patrons who have sampled the fare and experienced the service and ambiance would provide an excellent proxy for the experience of actually dining in the restaurant. Fortunately for those choosing a restau- rant, websites with user reviews allow this information to be at your fingertips within moments. In the pharmaceutical outsourcing industry, information from U By R. McAvoy USE PEERS' EXPERIENCES TO MAKE EDUCATED CRO SELECTIONS Use Peers' Experiences To Make Educated CRO Selections R E B E C C A M C A V O Y Market Research Director, Industry Standard Research Life Science Leader (LSL) and Industry Standard Research (ISR) have recently partnered to bring readers a robust methodology for evaluating and selecting CROs. ISR collects and analyzes data from users with hands-on experience working with service providers within the past 18 months to provide LSL and the pharmaceutical industry with detailed insights into CRO performance. LSL uses this data to identify service providers that have earned leadership positions and award them in various categories of service.

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