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LIFESCIENCELEADER.COM THE CMO LEADERSHIP AWARDS 2016 10 JANSSEN leaders By L. Garguilo RELIABILITY ROOMS AND SUPPLY CHAINS AT JANSSEN maintenance and quality; it has to be all things together." To accomplish this, according to Colarusso, Janssen divides the metrics into "several tiers of information," with each tier having a different group of people who review the metrics at different intervals. For instance, the basic tier pertains to factory shift workers who meet daily for on-the-spot, proactive performance reviews and discussions on avoiding events that might impair the ability to deliver product on time. The next tier of information is reviewed weekly and monthly by management. "We're specific around who's involved and how meetings are conducted," says Colarusso. "We're just as clear on how that information rolls up and the actions, roles, and responsibilities of the various levels. That's what's really improved for us." And let's not fail to give recognition to the advances that online access, data clouds, and formatting for mobile devices afford users of the Reliability Rooms. According to a Janssen Supply Chain Reliability document Colarusso shared with us, an "Automated Reliability Metric Dashboard" provides full trans- parency into the 21 reliability metrics, providing senior leadership with the ability to track in real time and predict performance across supply chains, markets, and products. This should help executives develop insights into the cumulative improvements and strategies across the network. "That automation has provided some- one like me the ability to get into a Reliability Room and drill down to a particular plant or a particular business unit, and then call up all the reliability metrics around that unit," says Colarusso. "So the access is beneficial. But again, I want to stress this all hinges on our standardization of the metrics across facilities. The metrics are here, so are the cross-functional teams to discuss them, all revolving around the best quality and reliability for the customer." A Room Of Your Own There's one area in this reliability man- agement process where Janssen has some work left to do. Colarusso informs me that as of yet, Janssen's CMOs and other external suppliers don't quite have a seat within the Reliability Rooms. "That integration of CMOs and key external partners is a key next step," he says. Currently, Janssen utilizes an overall metric for contract companies called "On-Time In-Full" to track supplier quality and reliability. "We do get into specif- ics with each supplier, of course," says Colarusso, "but when we order a certain quantity of API, for example, 'Did it come into us on time, and in full quantity and quality?' is the overarching question." Colarusso is quick to add, though, that in fact this measurement drives the same type of key metrics as those on the drug product side. "It's basically an analog for API and raw materials to the LIFR for finished products." Well enough for now, but Colarusso and Janssen look This all hinges on our standardization of the metrics across facilities. R E M O C O L A R U S S O VP, manufacturing and technical operations, Janssen

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