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LIFESCIENCELEADER.COM THE CMO LEADERSHIP AWARDS 2016 7 L O U I S G A R G U I L O Executive Editor, Outsourced Pharma @Louis_Garguilo ness performance management process." We'll take a look at that process closely, but in essence, Reliability Rooms started in 2011 as, and still include, physical areas established at each of the company's 20-plus manufacturing locations. Within these rooms Janssen gathers an array of supply chain metrics for finished drug products and APIs, available for cross-functional teams to review, digest together, and take specific actions on. A mainstay of that data for drug product plants has been the LIFR mentioned ear- lier. This can be defined as an overall measure of the ratio of actual orders filled in terms of all the fulfillment lines for a product. For example, if three of five lines of an order are filled, the LIFR would be 60 percent. Looked at from the 90 percent reduction in missed orders since 2011. Colarusso, a 27-year veteran of J&J, spoke exclusively with Life Science Leader CMO Supplement about a main driver of these results. Below he describes how Janssen's "Reliability Rooms" are elevating the art of measuring and improving reliability and quality throughout the supply chain. And while some of this information may prove valuable to other pharma companies, external partners should take equal notice — a "room" could be heading your way soon. Metrics To Build On "Reliability Rooms aren't just a room and a place," says Colarusso. "They're a busi- emo Colarusso, VP, manufacturing and technical operations at Janssen (pharmaceutical com- panies of Johnson & Johnson), knows what you measure is as important as how you measure, and cross-functional review of the results can be as essential as the results them- selves. He also knows that nowadays, Janssen appears in good shape in all four of these quadrants. For proof of this, Janssen, like other pharma companies, looks to supply chain measurements such as LIFRs — line item fill rates (more on LIFR specifically in a moment.) Executives at other phar- mas might be envious of the statistics Colarusso sees: obtaining or exceeding 99.5 percent LIFR for core products; R Reliability Rooms Supply Chains And At Janssen

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