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The vision of Life Science Leader is to help facilitate connections and foster collaborations in pharma and med device development to get more life-saving and life-improving therapies to market in an efficient manner. Connect, Collaborate, Contribute

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LIFESCIENCELEADER.COM THE CMO LEADERSHIP AWARDS 2016 49 ACCESSIBLE SENIOR MANAGEMENT TOP PERFORMERS Flamma CMC Biologics PharmaCore Fareva Ash Stevens AbbVie Contract Manufacturing Helsinn Paragon PCI Synthesis Samsung BioLogics EXCEEDED CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS Pfizer CentreSource Kemwell Novasep Dalton Pharma Services Xcelience Corden Pharma Halo Pharma Recipharm Cook Pharmica Vetter Siegfried STA, A WuXi AppTec company Celltrion CEPiA Sanofi Aptuit Baxter BioPharma Solutions CULTURAL FIT TOP PERFORMERS CMC Biologics Flamma AbbVie Contract Manufacturing PharmaCore Pfizer CentreSource Ash Stevens Paragon Kemwell Novasep EXCEEDED CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS Helsinn Xcelience Fareva Dalton Pharma Services Capsugel CEPiA Sanofi AMPAC Fine Chemicals Boehringer Ingelheim SAI Life Sciences Rentschler Cambrex STATE-OF-THE-ART Sponsored by TOP PERFORMERS CMC Biologics AbbVie Contract Manufacturing Flamma Pfizer CentreSource Helsinn Ash Stevens Samsung BioLogics Novasep EXCEEDED CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS Kemwell Vetter Capsugel Paragon Cambrex Cook Pharmica Rentschler PharmaCore Boehringer Ingelheim Baxter BioPharma Solutions Celltrion Glatt Pharmaceutical Services STA, A WuXi AppTec company AMPAC Fine Chemicals Evonik Dalton Pharma Services Dr. Reddy's Custom Pharmaceutical Services GSK Contract Manufacturing SAI Life Sciences Sandoz INNOVATION Sponsored by TOP PERFORMERS Flamma CMC Biologics Paragon Pfizer CentreSource AbbVie Contract Manufacturing Helsinn Vetter Novasep Ash Stevens Dalton Pharma Services PharmaCore EXCEEDED CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS Capsugel AMRI Cambrex Kemwell Baxter BioPharma Solutions Cook Pharmica CEPiA Sanofi Fareva STA, A WuXi AppTec company INDIVIDUAL ATTRIBUTE AWARDS The Individual Attribute Awards were developed as a result of many conversations we have had with the readers of Life Science Leader and the attendees at our Outsourced Pharma Events. These conversations uncovered common attributes that sponsor companies identified as being imperative when choosing a supplier and deciding to continue doing business with a supplier. They were often referred to as the ever-important "intangibles" a supplier brings to the table. Outside of the core metrics of quality, reliability, compatibility, capabilities, and expertise, these attributes were what our readers identified as being most important, and as such, we felt it was important to share the data with other sponsor companies.

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