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SUPPLY CHAIN OUTSOURCING LIFESCIENCELEADER.COM THE CMO LEADERSHIP AWARDS 2016 12 … We have two employees. Half the company is sitting right here. We're going to have different perspectives on what infrastructure means. I've worked in small public companies and small private companies, but ZZ Biotech is the smallest. In a nutshell, we fit in a nutshell." Pharma makes headlines when they talk about their supply chains. The Shire out- sourcing model comes to mind. I recently wrote an article in OutsourcedPharma. com on Janssen's approach. Gilead's contract with Cambrex to make the API for their Hep C drug was of interest to most everybody. But what of the growing cadre of biotechs, startups, and virtual companies like ZZ Biotech? What does the supply chain mean for them? "How to protect yourself by building an outsourcing infrastructure." He ended up stealing the show, as they say. We'll listen in to the insight and wit from this representative of a company that relies on global outsourcing for the clinical and commercial development of a new drug. I'll add some asides. And Ray Kaczmarek, VP commercial manufacturing and supply chain operations, Pacira Pharmaceuticals, another panelist that day, also will interject to provide some perspective. WHY DID THE SUPPLY CHAIN CROSS THE STREET? Here's how Kent introduced himself: "I'm the chief operating officer at ZZ Biotech. We're almost as big as Pfizer uilding a reliable supply chain infrastructure; tech- nology transfer challenges; scale-downs and scale-ups; CMO realities vs. pharma requirements; biotechs, startups, and virtual busi- ness models and their financing; small and large molecule strategies; global or domestic outsourcing; measuring everything that moves and breathes; risk mitigation and risk-sharing assessments ... we are a serious lot, with a lot on our minds. Therefore, from time to time, all of us in this philoprogenitive pharmaceutical industry can use a dose of levity. In fact, I think we find those of us in the outsourcing-related sectors, if maybe a little nerdy (hey, speak for yourself), are a pretty fun-loving and good-natured group of individuals. That includes Kent Pryor, chief operat- ing officer of ZZ Biotech. He starts with the company name. It takes the "Zs" from the first letters of the last names of neurology researcher Berislav Zlokovic and financier Selim Zilkha. "However," Kent says, "people wonder if we are fans of the rock group ZZ Top. Well, in fact, we make our headquarters in Houston where ZZ Top was formed in 1969." Pryor once found himself on a stage seated as a panelist at an outsourcing conference, along with representatives from much bigger powers such as Pfizer and Sandoz. Representing his bootstrapped biotech, Pryor at first appeared miscast for this discussion on B By L. Garguilo DID YOU HEAR THE ONE ABOUT THE SUPPLY CHAIN INFRASTRUCTURE? Did You Hear The One About the Supply Chain Infrastructure? L O U I S G A R G U I L O Executive Editor, Outsourced Pharma @Louis_Garguilo We have a single product on a tight budget. I'm involved with everything, the glue that holds the activities together. I hope I avoid getting stuck. K E N T P R Y O R COO, ZZ Biotech

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