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LIFESCIENCELEADER.COM THE CMO LEADERSHIP AWARDS 2016 11 forward to fully assimilating the CMOs directly into Reliability Rooms for a tighter-managed integration of the entire supply chain. "We're working with our partners now, and there are options on the table," says Colarusso. A lot will be determined by the sophistication that's necessary or required for each vendor. "Different vendors have different capabilities," he explains. "Now our sites have the pro- cess laid out and the data synergized so it can be rolled up. We would envision ulti- mately doing that for our partner CMOs." Colarusso envisions this step starting out much like the original Reliability Rooms, as "initially something simple and manual." Janssen will study how and what adds the most value and tweak the process until it too leads to useful day-to- day data and metrics that efficiently roll up to senior management. "To me, that's what I'd call the real automation: The efficiency of the process to get started." And finally, while on the subject of CMOs and outsourcing in general, I ask Colarusso how important this "external factor" is for Janssen. Is outsourcing growing as we've heard from other pharma companies? Is there a model or strategy for outsourcing — for example, diversify the chain or concentrate on fewer and bigger partnerships? "We fall more in line with the strategic partnership model," replies Colarusso. "We try to focus on bringing that total number of service providers down, but of course we're never fully successful. One reason is because there's a lot of licensing going on all the time, and those licenses typically come with CROs, CDMOs, and CMOs attached." Colarusso says another factor is the consistent need for new partners with new and advanced technologies and capabilities based on the new drug programs at Janssen. "Things change depending on your activity," Colarusso concludes. "Overall, our strategy is centered around building the supply chain from whatever is best for that business. That's the mis- sion. Whether that involves internal or external resources, it has to do with specific product, the technology utilized by the product, what we consider core technologies we think we're better at, or what technologies might be core to key partners." What is certain is that whoever gets to work with Janssen — be it on the inside or externally — should be fully prepared for the 21 key measurements, serious cross-functional (and intercompany) review, and proactive actions … and to spend a fair amount of time in the Reliability Room. L

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