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The vision of Life Science Leader is to help facilitate connections and foster collaborations in pharma and med device development to get more life-saving and life-improving therapies to market in an efficient manner. Connect, Collaborate, Contribute

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2015 CRO LEADERSHIP AWARDS LIFESCIENCELEADER.COM THE CRO LEADERSHIP AWARDS 2015 35 RESEARCH CONDUCTED BY: PRESENTED BY: Industry Leaders by Market Segment Page 36-37 Page 38-49 Company Profiles THE PHILOSOPHY OF THE AWARDS Life Science Leader's readership of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical executives have told us about their struggles in vetting CRO partners. In response, Life Science Leader developed the CRO Leadership Awards based on industry research conducted by Nice Insight. The awards incorporate common filters used by pharma companies to vet CROs with the added filter of peer feedback. This helps pharma and biopharma companies focus on potential CRO partners who can handle their proj- ects and are considered reputable in the industry. Nice Insight combines surveying thousands of industry executives with other key analyses to serve both partnering groups, and facilitate better overall outsourcing collaborations. Since there are significant differences in how different types of companies approach outsourcing, research respondents are assigned to one of five categories: big pharma, midsize & specialty pharma, emerg- ing pharma, biotech, and emerging biotech. Scores are assessed by each company type in five perception categories: Innovation, Productivity, Quality, Regulatory, and Reliability. Companies achieving top-10 percentile perception scores are recognized for their achievements with a 2015 CRO Leadership Award. Unlike other industry awards which are given based on a voting or nomination process, the only votes that count towards the CRO Leadership Awards are those of the pharmaceutical and bio- pharmaceutical companies using CRO services.

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