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The vision of Life Science Leader is to help facilitate connections and foster collaborations in pharma and med device development to get more life-saving and life-improving therapies to market in an efficient manner. Connect, Collaborate, Contribute

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H E L P I N G C L I E N T S T O I M P R O V E L I V E S I S W H A T W E D O . S C I E N C E I S H O W W E D O I T . O P T I M I Z I N G Y O U R P O S T - M A R K E T I N G I N V E S T M E N T At PRA, we understand what post-marketing research is – and just as importantly – what it is not. Our insight is what sets us apart. The insight of our team of specialized, post-marketing experts that ensures the right design and approach for your study. The insight to achieve operational efficiencies through our simple, flexible, and customized approach. The insight to utilize our global teams to harness practical knowledge of local regulations, standards of care, and cultural customs. The insight to leverage industry-transforming, data-driven approaches and predictive analytics to provide you with access to the best target site and patient populations. And lastly, the wisdom to connect these varied insights to make a difference – for you, our clients, and for the patients who inspire us to do what we do. w w w. p r a h s . c o m /s o l u t i o n s/p o s t - m a r ke t i n g - r e s e a r c h

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